The nerdiest event in TV history was upon us. The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. To mark the occasion we worked with a radio astronomer and invited fans to experience time and space travel for themselves by bouncing a voice message off the Moon.

The heavily distorted recordings that returned to Earth were then used online and on radio to promote the show.

Campaign Case Study:


Here are some of the distorted messages that were returned from the Moon and turned into radio ads.


For the print work we turned our art into radio waves, bounced it off the Moon, and translated it back into an image. (After a round trip of 768,000KMs through space it looked a little worse for wear.)


AXIS: Bronze (Integrated)
AXIS: Bronze (Innovative Use Of Print)
AXIS: Bronze (Art Direction)
AXIS: Finalist (Direct Campaign)
AXIS: Finalist (Innovative Use Of Radio)
AXIS: Finalist (Experiential)

AXIS: Finalist (Websites & Microsites)
AXIS:: Finalist (Out-Of Home Campaign)

AdStars: Bronze (Print)
AdStars: Finalist (Graphic Design)
AdStars: Finalist (Outdoor)

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